Producer / Agent CE

We can provide Continuing Education for Insurance Agents throughout the US.  These sought after classes provide much needed information for the Insurance Professional. 

Focused on Insurance education from the safety aspect, the CE provides critical information to Agents and the insurance staff that will enable them to be the professional link for their clients in order to help them work safely, be in OSHA Compliance and most importantly save lives!

Currently, the CE classes are:

Risk Analysis in Underwriting, Part 1 (4 hours)

Risk Analysis in Underwriting, Part 2 (4 hours)

Office Safety
 (4 hours)

We are continually updating our class list, so check back often.

Note:  We also have CE classes geared to Licensed Louisiana Adjusters!

Louisiana Licensed
Adjuster CE

We can provide Continuing Education for Louisiana Licensed Adjusters.  This new and sought after CE class is entitled "The Calm After the Storm."

When adjusters are out in the field, the hazards that they are exposed to are numerous.  This CE class will help the participant to be able to identify the hazards of an area to be inspected and what safety measures to put in place to prevent the Adjuster and the client from being injured. 

Currently the classes for Louisiana Licensed Adjusters are:

The Calm After the Storm  Part 1  (4 hours)

The Calm After the Storm  Part 2  (4 hours)

Louisiana Contractor CE

PS Safety & Risk Management, LLC can provide Continuing Education for Louisiana Contractors.  

We all know that the construction industry is filled with hazards. Daily workers are injured, become disabled or worse killed.  The key to reducing injuries and saving lives begins with safety training. 

In addition, very recently, the local OSHA office in Louisiana has added several new Field Compliance Officers who are visiting jobsites to help enforce Federal OSHA laws in an effort to reduce injuries and save lives.

We can help you train your employees to recognize hazards to help them work safely, and help your company be in OSHA Compliance. 

The Continuing Education class we offer covers the topics your workers need to address in their daily work, provides much needed safety training as well as the CE Hours needed.

Contact our office today for more details!